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Soft Skills for Students

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Soft skills are essential for students to develop. Although modern day technology has increased the ease for online communication, there is still a need to learn to communicate effectively and work with others in face-to-face situations. Organisations are also increasingly looking for employees who show high levels of emotional intelligence and an ability to work well with others.

We work with secondary school, college and university students to help improve their people skills to be more successful in school, home, university and in their future working lives. We offer a range of programmes, from communication skills to self-awareness, leadership to wellbeing and stress management.

We mix experiential activity with up to date theory and create learning that is tailored to meet your needs. The courses can be run at your venue or through engaging live online methods and are designed to fit in with your timetable. 


With our long-standing history of successful partnerships with some of the top schools within the UK, as well as our on-going development work with multi-national organisations, you can be assured of the highest quality training for your students.

What makes our programmes different?


Face-to-Face or Online

We create engaging, experiential learning programmes, that can be run at your school or using interactive online methods.


Brain-Friendly Methods

We're experts in creating programmes that follow brain-friendly principles, which help to make the learning 'stick' in an enjoyable way.

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Social Learning

Our workshops feature peer learning, where students discuss with others and gain more understanding, even after the training.

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Expert Knowledge

Our team provide training for some the world's leading organisations, so we share this knowledge and expertise.

What our customers say


"We have been delighted with the training delivered by Team Thinking over the past eleven years and there is absolutely no doubt they have assisted greatly in developing these young people into excellent leaders and role models”


Paul Williams, Second Master

Epsom College

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"I feel so much confident after my day with the Prefect Training workshop, with much more preparation to take on a position of leadership within the school.


Sixth Form Prefect

St Edward's School, Oxford

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"We have been using Team Thinking for a number of years. Following our ethos to want students to learn, lead and make a difference, the workshops are ideal to help the prefects learn about playing to their strengths, strategies for dealing with difficult conversations and situations, enhancing leadership and team-building skills and effective communication"


Adrian Parkin

Assistant Head of Sixth Form

City of London Freemen’s School


"We have worked with Team Thinking for more than a decade and have always had the best experiences. Our students have definitely benefitted from working with trainers who bring the perfect combination of their experience from working with large corporations and the empathy required to work with young people. Students feel both safe and challenged and they always leave with practical tips on how to work more confidently in their roles.


Nick O'Doherty

Head of Sixth Form

Abingdon School

What we offer


Prefect and Lead Student Training

Explore skills that are necessary for effective performance in the Prefect role



Become more self-aware and create a positive impact when working with others.


Leadership Skills

Enhancing the skills and behaviours of future leaders.

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Developing a Growth Mindset

Become more open to challenges and learn to stretch yourself for success.


Communication Skills

Explore how to communicate in a clear and confident manner for more success in life.


Working in Teams

Gain practical skills for working effectively in teams and improve the ability to solve problems with others.


Student Wellbeing

Gain practical skills to improve wellbeing and manage stress.

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Presentation Skills

Prepare and deliver presentations with confidence.

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Tailored Workshops

Contact us if you have are looking for a tailor-made workshop.

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