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Skills for Students


Working in Teams

Teamwork & problem solving skills for students


The ability to work well in groups is a necessary skill. In an educational setting, students are required to work with others to complete team projects and in the workplace, employees are expected to collaborate with others to successfully get the job done. 


We all know that the cohesiveness of a team can be instrumental to the success or failure of group activities. The problem is that teamworking skills do not always come naturally to everyone, but they can be learnt and practiced. 

We can help your students to work more effectively with others, to learn to collaborate and solve problems together and make the steps from education to the workplace more comfortable.

This workshop will help your students to answer questions such as:

  • Why is teamwork more effective than working alone?

  • What behaviours are present in a high performing team?

  • How can I solve problems more effectively when working with others?

  • What is the best way of communicating when working within a team?

  • How can a team review its performance for continuous improvement?

For Secondary school, College & University students

Run at your venue or online

1-day face-to-face or a series of interactive online sessions

We have used our many years of experience in organisational development, to create an effective learning programme that will help your students to work together more successfully and understand the key behaviours and characteristics necessary for higher performance.


This workshop isn't just about theory. It's about learning by doing. We create a powerful learning experience through a combination of knowledge sharing, group discussions and experiential problem solving activities, which not only engage, but also provide the right amount of challenge to help make the learning 'stick'.  The activities encourage the students to view tasks and challenges from a different perspective, allowing them to be creative, work together and learn from the experience.

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