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Communication Skills

Getting your message across clearly

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The ability for students to communicate effectively with others is essential. Although modern day technology has increased the ease of online communication, there is still a need to learn to communicate effectively and work with others in face-to-face situations.

This active workshop will enable your students to develop flexible communication skills, helping them to be more successful in a wide range of environments.


They will explore how to communicate in a clearer, more confident manner and have opportunities to practice a range of skills to improve their ability to listen, to ask powerful questions, to speak with clarity and understand of the importance of positive body language. They will also develop techniques to increase their level of assertiveness, helping them to improve their confidence. 

This workshop will help your students to answer questions such as:

  • How can I communicate effectively with different people?

  • What are the barriers to effective communication?

  • How can I show others that I am listening?

  • What are the best questions to ask and when should I use them?

  • How important is body language?

  • How can I use it to get my message across clearly?

  • How can I become more assertive in my behaviour?

For Secondary school, College & University students

Run at your venue or online

1-day face-to-face or a series of interactive online sessions

Verbal Communication

Improve clarity, increase interest and build greater understanding.

Body Language

Explore ways to get your messages across in a positive way.

Questioning & Listening

Discover methods to listen actively and ask powerful questions. 

Assertiveness & Confidence

Learn to be more assertive and confident for future success. 

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