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Growth Mindset

Learning to stretch for success

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Students who have a growth mindset focus on bringing their hardest efforts to their work and seek to improve themselves by learning from any situation. When students believe they can get smarter, they understand that working harder makes them stronger. Therefore they put in extra time and effort, and that can lead to higher achievement.


Research links the growth mindset with many benefits, from greater comfort with taking on challenges to higher motivation, enhanced brain development to lower stress and anxiety.  

This engaging workshop covers a wide variety of core skills. We introduce the work of the world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck and give students a range of practical actions to take away.

This workshop will help your students to answer questions such as:

  • What is the difference between a Fixed and Growth mindset?

  • How can having a Growth Mindset help me?

  • Can my brain change throughout my life?

  • How can I solve problems more easily?

  • How do I review my performance for continuous improvement?

  • What are comfort zones and how can I stretch myself further?

For Secondary school, College & University students

Run at your venue or online

1-day face-to-face or a series of interactive online sessions

Not so long ago, it was thought that the brain was fixed when we reached a certain age and that our intellectual abilities would remain static through our life. This belief often created fixed mindsets, where people wouldn't challenge themselves and felt that they would not be able to develop any further.


More recent Neuroscience research proves that this is incorrect and that the brain is continually changing. Everytime a student thinks and behaves in a different way, their brain adapts. When they repeat an experience over and over, the brain learns to trigger the same neurons each time. New neural networks are created and the brain 're-wires' itself, a process is called Neuroplasticity. The more that a skill is practiced, the stronger these connections become and the easier it is to repeat.

The ability to change, to learn and develop is therefore not fixed and with focused effort, students they can change their thinking, habits and behaviour. 

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Fixed Mindsets can be quite common amongst students of all abilities. Some may believe that they were born with less capability and are therefore unable to change, even with effort. At the other end of the spectrum, some smarter students may feel that they were born this way and therefore don't need to try harder. They may even be resistant to change and to challenge themselves, for fear of failure which will make them look less smart!


Our growth mindset workshop introduces simple, practical neuroscience principles, plus problem solving models and methods to review performance, which will help boost confidence and improve learning.

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