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Prefect Training

Developing skills for effective performance

A high quality Prefect training programme enables your students to develop the skills that are necessary for effective performance.


Prefects have a complex role to play, involving effective communication with a wide range of people, from other students to teachers and parents. Their responsibilities often require effective problem solving, task delegation, time management and negotiation, as well as acting as a mediator and support network for fellow pupils.

This active, engaging workshop will help your Prefect team to develop their overall confidence in their role. The programme explores a number of areas, including roles & responsibilities, team-work, assertive communication and problem-solving. If you have specific requirements for your team, we can tailor the content to meet your needs.

This workshop will help your students to answer questions such as:

  • What is my role and what responsibilities do I have?

  • What do other people expect from me?

  • How can the Prefect team work together and solve problems effectively?

  • What are my key strengths and how can I put these to good use?

  • How can I communicate effectively with other people?

  • What can I do to become more assertive?

  • How do I control my emotions to stay calm and effective?

  • How can I overcome challenging situations at school?

For Prefect teams & Head students

Run at your venue or online

1-day face-to-face or a series of interactive online sessions

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The Prefect training workshop can also feature the PRISM questionnaire, a neuroscience-based development tool that is currently used by some of the world’s leading organisations for staff development.


We've been using PRISM with students for a number of years now and it provides an engaging way to explore behaviour.


PRISM helps the Prefects to improve their self-awareness. They will gain a deeper understanding of how they prefer to behave, explore their communication style and learn methods to recognise and respond to other people for greater success. 

An online questionnaire is completed before the workshop, which results in an individual PRISM Map and report.


Students can also access the interactive iMap online platform on their phone, tablet or computer to explore behaviours further. 

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