Developing self-awareness


PRISM iMap is a digital platform that can be accessed on any device and allows users to explore their profiles in detail.


This is a sample PRISM Professional level profile report as seen via iMap. Feel free to explore it:


  • Click on different parts of the coloured map to understand the 8 behaviour dimensions.

  • Show or hide different 'profiles' by using the checkboxes on the right hand side.

  • Use the green 'Page notes' button for additional help and 'i' symbols for more information.

  • Explore the range of interactive reports and the additional resources from the menu.

  • Use the scroll bar on the right hand side when shown.

Are you an individual looking to improve your own self-awareness?


Then take a look at our PRISM Masterclass which includes a Foundation or Professional report and a 1-hour personal feedback session.

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