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Understanding behaviour for personal success 

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When students have a better understanding of themselves, they are more able to identify their own unique strengths, their preferred ways of working and the areas where they would like to develop themselves.


Greater self-awareness gives an understanding of the impact that they have on others, together with the development of empathy and the ability to understand another person's perspective, which can all assist in helping to resolve conflicts and build more positive relationships.

This engaging workshop helps students to become more self-aware and understand their preferred behaviours. We introduce students to the key human behaviour types, help them to explore their own preferences using the PRISM tool and learn how to read others and communicate in a more flexible way.

It's a great way to develop understanding, build confidence and prepare students for their future steps.

This workshop will help your students to answer questions such as:

  • How can I understand myself better?

  • What are my preferred styles of behaviour?

  • Is my behaviour fixed or can it change throughout my life?

  • How can I build more effective relationships with other people?

  • What future jobs might I enjoy and be more successful in?

  • What are my key strengths & development areas?

For Sixth Form, College & University students

Run at your venue or online

1-day face-to-face or a series of interactive online sessions

The workshop features the PRISM questionnaire, a neuroscience-based development tool that is currently used by some of the world’s leading organisations for staff development.


We've been using PRISM with students for a number of years now and it provides an engaging way to explore behaviour.


PRISM helps students to understand how they prefer to behave, how to recognise and respond to other people and how behaviour can change throughout their life due to neuroplasticity. 


An online questionnaire is completed before the workshop, which results in an individual PRISM Map and report.


Students can also access the interactive iMap online platform on their phone, tablet or computer to explore behaviours further. 

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