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The workshop will help your students answer questions such as:








This workshop uses the PRISM 4D questionnaire, which is part of the suite of PRISM Brain Mapping tools. PRISM is a comprehensive neuroscience based development tool that is currently used by some of the world’s leading organisations for staff development. We have used the 4D version with great success within schools in recent years.


The workshop provides students with an easy to understand graphical representation of their behaviour preferences. We introduce the students to the key behaviour types and help them to explore their own profiles through activity and discussion. This brings the theories to life and provides a memorable way in which to increase their self-awareness.

Some feedback from our customers:


"I found the day very interesting, especially the PRISM profile section. I now constantly think about it with the people around me! It has helped me understand why certain people act the way they do. Before I was surprised at some of the decisions people around me made, however now I understand our brains work in very different ways. Thank you for letting me take part!"


Student, Abingdon School, UK


"I really enjoyed the whole day. I particularly enjoyed learning about PRISM. It helped me understand different people and their characters a lot more"


Head Boy, Oswestry School, UK


"The PRISM workshops have given the pupils a taste of how they perceive themselves and how they perceive each other. This introduction to being more socially and emotionally aware of their behaviour is an excellent learning curve as we build on their skills for life over their 5 years at Epsom College"


Helen Keevil, Head of Personal & Social Development, Epsom College, UK

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Self Awareness

for Students

  • What are my preferred styles of behaviour?

  • How can I build more effective relationships with people?

  • What future jobs might I enjoy and be more successful in?

  • What can I talk about in interviews or write on my personal statement when I’m asked about my strengths and development areas?

School Case Study


Read about our self awareness work with Epsom College, one of the Top 50 independant schools in the UK.    


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Help your students to develop a greater understanding of themselves and of other people. Build their self-confidence and their awareness of personal strengths.


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