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The step from education into the workplace can be a tough one, with great emphasis placed upon working with others.


We believe that young people should begin developing their ability to work as part of team from early on, as all too often this development begins after they have entered the workplace. We can help your students to enhance their understanding of effective team work and make the steps from education to the workplace more comfortable.


Learning by doing


Effective teamwork cannot be taught, it has to be experienced and experiential activities are a great way of learning.


We firmly believe that your students will learn best when they are enjoying themselves, so we base our programmes around safe, enjoyable training activities, which are great fun and memorable.  The activities encourage the students to view tasks and challenges from a different perspective, allowing them to be creative, work together and learn from the experience. We support the tasks with appropriate theory, again delivered in a enjoyable, interactive way.


This workshop is an opportunity for students to work together, putting the theories of teamwork into practice and can be run inside or out of doors, depending upon your facilities. The students will learn a simple, yet effective model of problem solving and will have an opportunity to put this into practice.


This workshop will help your students to answer questions such as:

  • Why is teamwork more effective than working alone?

  • What behaviours would you see in a high performing team?

  • How can I solve problems more effectively when working with others?

  • What is the best way of communicating when working within a team?

  • How can a team review its performance for continuous improvement?

Teamwork and Problem Solving

"After years of teaching Management and Leadership at A Level, we wanted a course that could really test the students' abilities in the field. Team Thinking were able to innovate activities to suit our needs and delivered to world class standards. The course was fantastic, it really stretched our budding entrepreneurs to the limit and gave them feedback on their performance"


Sue Bryer, Curriculum Manager Business and Enterprise Education, Ashcroft Academy, London