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Developing Self Awareness with

PRISM Brain Mapping

This workshop helps you to develop your self awareness and gives you a deeper understanding of your personal strengths and development areas, enabling you to build better relationships with friends, family, work colleagues and customers.


This enjoyable workshop revolves around PRISM Brain Mapping, the world's most comprehensive neuroscience based development tool. learn more

  • A deeper understanding of your strengths

  • Skills in reading other people's behaviour

  • Insights into how you react and adapt to different environments in and out of work.

  • An enhanced knowledge of your personal behaviour preferences and development areas.

  • Tips on how to communicate effectively, even with those people who you currently struggle with.

You will will be sent an email based questionnaire to complete before the workshop, resulting in your own PRISM Brain Mapping profile on the day. This includes an accompanying report, which outlines behaviour preferences, introversion/extroversion scale, work preferences and information for career development. A lot of interesting information to help with growth and development.


The workshop will be in English Language and runs from 09.30 until 12.30. Tea & Coffee will be provided.

PRISM Sample Map

What will you learn?

Who is facilitating?

Ian Davies  learn more

Some feedback from participants


"Thanks so much for yesterday's session. It was really interesting and very well delivered. Most enjoyable and will certainly recommend to others"   Head of Health Policy, Myanmar based NGO


"Congratulations on today's workshop. I enjoyed learning not just about myself but also about the people around me"    Senior Associate, Rajah & Tann LLP, Myanmar


Read the blog entry of one of our recent partcipants - learn more

Do you work in a team? This workshop can also be run as a development tool to help you all understand one another more effectively and improve performance. Please email Ian Davies, wherever you are in the world!


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