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Developing essential Prefect skills


You school pefects must have the ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of people, including students, teachers and parents. Their role involves effective problem solving, delegation, time management and negotiation, as well as acting as a mediator and support network for fellow pupils. More and more schools are beginning to understand the value of a high quality prefect training programme that enables the prefects to develop the skills that are necessary for effective performance


This workshop will help your students to answer questions such as:

  • What is my role and what responsibilities do I have as a Prefect?

  • What do others expect of me?

  • How can the Prefect team work together and solve problems effectively?

  • What are my key strengths and how can I put these to good use?

  • How can I communicate effectively with other people whilst undertaking my duties?

  • How can I be taken more seriously and resolve conflicts that might occur?

This workshop can include the PRISM Brain Mapping 4D tool, to improve the students’ self-awareness and ability to communicate successfully.

Some of the feedback that we have received:


"Thank you so much for yet another successful Prefects' Leadership day. The day was well structured and efficiently run. The Prefects found the day informative, enjoyable and it gave them a broad view on different issues. They appreciated the energy and enthusiasm of your team. The work on interpersonal skills was particularly interesting as this is an area which is new to many of them"


Carmel Carragher, Head of Sixth Form, Roedean School, UK


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Saturday, which was excellent as I expected. The girls we chose are delighted and appear to be working well as a team already- I thought many of their comments were insightful. See you next year!


Dr Valerie Vincent, Director of Sixth Form, Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, UK


"Thank you for the Prefect training day. I for one thoroughly enjoyed it due to the fact it really got us all together and let us interact more than we normally would. I thought that the day was well structured and had a good mix of physical and mental challenges which supplied a wealth of rewarding information about myself and my cohort"


Prefect, Oswestry School, UK


"Thank you for a popular and instructive training session, the Prefects enjoyed the experience and have become self-reflective as a result of the work you carried out with them"


Head of Sixth Form, Oswestry School, UK

Prefect Training