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Management & Supervisory Skills

The following 3 day workshop is suitable for Supervisor & Management level staff who are looking to further develop their skills. It is also useful for more Junior staff who are wishing to move up to such positions.


The workshop will give participants the essential soft skills that are crucial for managing people effectively and improving results. The sessions are highly participative and the learning is made memorable by practical activities and review sessions.





Day 1 - Essential Communication Skills


Day 1 will help participants to develop a greater understanding of themselves and others, building their self-confidence, their awareness of personal strengths and development areas and their ability to build relationships with other team members and customers.


It will also focus upon developing a wide range of soft communication skills, enabling them to communicate in a clear, confident, assertive manner.

  • Develop self-awareness & understand strengths & development areas.

  • Recognise the different styles of human behaviour to enable improved communication with others.

  • Develop ways to build enhanced relationships with staff and customers.

  • Enhance listening / questioning skills & understand the importance of Body Language.

  • Discovers ways to deal with conflict.


To book your place and find out more, please email Ian Davies. Click here to send an email

Who is facilitating?

Ian Davies  learn more

Day 2 - Developing and Motivating your Team


Day 2 will help participants to gain knowledge of what a high performance team is, understand how to help staff to solve problems effectively and develop their skills in motivating others.

  • Understand how to develop a high performing team.

  • Identify the important stages of team development.

  • Understand the factors that motivate teams within the workplace.

  • Explore ways to motivate staff for increased performance and retention.

  • Learn methods for helping staff solve problems more effectively.

  • Discover ways to deal with team conflict and staff problems.


Day 3 - Delivering Exceptional Customer Service


This workshop will help participants to understand what it means to deliver exceptional customer service, how to go the extra mile for your customers and what to do when the customer complains.

  • Explore why customer service is so critical.

  • Understand what good customer service means using real life examples.

  • Discover ways to exceed your customers’ expectations.

  • Develop skills in making a great first impression.

  • Learn how to deal effectively with customer complaints.


Workshop Dates and Fee



May 2014


20th - 22nd May -  Yangon, Myanmar



The 3 day workshop fee is 90000 Kyat per person.


Please email Ian Davies to find out more and to book your place


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Management & Supervisory Skills