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We were asked to design a series of workshops for the school students, that would help develop their soft skills between Year 11 and Year 13. We put our thinking caps on and designed a 3 stage plan that begin in Year 11 and ends in Year 13, before the students head to University or employment. They valued the workshops so much, that we are returning this year to repeat the programmes.


Year 11 – Team Development Day


This practical workshop provided an opportunity for the students to work together in teams, to learn about effective teamwork and put the theories into practice through practical tasks. It was a great stepping-stone before moving on to learn about leadership in the following year. It helped the students to answer questions such as:


- Why is teamwork more effective than working alone?

- What makes a high performance team?

- How can I solve problems more effectively when working with others?

- What is the best way of communicating when working within a team?

- How can a team review their work to improve the overall performance?


Year 12 – Leadership Development Day


This workshop helped the students to work together and develop essential leadership skills for use in school, university and future employment. We included many practical leadership tasks, which were supported by appropriate theory. It helped the students to answer questions such as:


- What is a good leader?

- When a team works together, how does the team behaviour change over time?

- What are the main styles of leadership and which style should I use?

- What is the difference between verbal and non verbal communication?

- What is feedback and how can I give it effectively to other people to help them develop.?


Head Girl & Prefect Training Workshop


The Head Girls and Prefect team have to communicate effectively with a wide range of people, including students, teachers and parents. Their role often involves effective problem solving, delegation, time management and negotiation, as well as acting as a mediator and support network for fellow pupils. This one days workshop brought together many different soft skills and related them to the responsibilities of a Prefect or Head student and included the PRISM Brain Mapping 4D tool. It helped the students to answer questions such as:


- What is my role and what responsibilities do I have as a Prefect or Head Girl?

- What do others expect of me?

- How can the Prefect team work together and solve problems effectively?

- What are my key strengths and how can I put these to good use?

- How can I communicate effectively with students, teachers and parents whilst undertaking my duties?

- How can I be taken more seriously and resolve conflicts that might occur?


"Ian and his team deliver excellent, useful and very high quality sessions that are tailored to the school's needs. Their workshops reflect the type of training received by professionals in industry and they bring this knowledge into the classroom. However, their energy and experience mean they can easily connect with their young clients. They are an impressive outfit and our girls have been raving about them ever since their visit. Thank you!"


Gillian Hammond, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Francis Holland School, Sloane Square, London