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Communication Skills

This single day workshop is suitable for any level of staff and helps participants to develop a greater understanding of themselves and others, building their self-confidence, their awareness of personal strengths and development areas and their ability to build relationships with other team members and customers.


It will also focus upon developing a wide range of soft communication skills, enabling them to communicate in a clear, confident, assertive manner.

  • Develop self-awareness & understand strengths & development areas.

  • Recognise the different styles of human behaviour to enable improved communication with others.

  • Develop ways to build enhanced relationships with staff and customers.

  • Enhance listening / questioning skills & understand the importance of Body Language.

  • Discovers ways to deal with conflict.


If you would like to run this workshop for your team, please email Ian Davies, wherever you are in the world!


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Who is facilitating?

Ian Davies  learn more

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