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Communication - The key to success


This workshop will enable your students to develop a range of soft communication skills, which will help them to be more successful at home, in school and in preparation for work.


It will teach them how to communicate in a clearer, more confident manner and will help them to develop their understanding of the importance of body language and how other people perceive them. They will also gain an understanding of assertive behaviour and will have an opportunity to practise some of the key components of this.

This workshop will help your students to answer questions such as:

  • How can I communicate effectively with different people?

  • What are the barriers to effective communication?

  • How can I show others that I am listening?

  • What are the best questions to ask and when should I use them?

  • How important is body language and how can I use it to get my message across clearly?

  • How can I become more assertive in my behaviour?

Communication and Assertiveness for Students